We generate active wholesale leads for coffee roasters.

RoasterLink is a service by Fresh Cup that matches wholesale buyers with good-fit roasters. Partner roasters experience a 9x return on investment on average.


Marc Hubble

Peace Coffee

Fresh Cup's RoasterLink program is providing a solution for Peace Coffee to gain access to a difficult to reach customer base. The process of matching the potential customer to the roaster's capabilities works really well.  We project to earn 9x more than we've spent on the program this year. It's great to receive solid opportunities from active buyers who want to hear from us.


Johanna Hirschboeck

Huckleberry Roasters

The RoasterLink program has allowed us to increase the quality and frequency of our inbound leads by efficiently matching our company with buyers that may not have otherwise discovered us.  I can’t think of another service out there that focuses specifically on connecting roasters with new businesses in need of coffee, and we are excited to continue using it to help fuel our growth!


Alli Beall

Texas Coffee Traders

RoasterLink has filled a need that we didn't even know we were missing until we started working with them! The staff has been so helpful and friendly, and the leads are shared efficiently and in a timely manner. We are really excited about the growth this opportunity has afforded us, and this has even opened our eyes to potential new revenue streams!

With decades of combined coffee industry experience, we know how to connect you with coffee shops, restaurants, and other retailers that want to find a wholesale coffee partner.

Our lead gen process has been created through years of running sales & marketing for coffee brands, and covering the industry for 30+ years at nullFresh Cup Magazine.

Step 1: Roaster Profile

Roaster partners fill out a detailed Roaster Profile.

Step 2: Buyers Sign Up

Active wholesale buyers fill out a detailed Buyer Profile.

Step 3: Matching

We carefully match buyers to 3-5 good-fit roasters and notify all parties.

Step 4: Showtime

Put your sales skills to the test, win new clients, grow your business.

Did we mention, there's no up-front cost. We operate on a pay-per-lead model. You don't pay until we start getting you active leads.

Let's get you the full details with a process overview and pricing details.

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